Alexa Clark

Your travelers for the Spain Edition of Far From Ordinary are Alexa Clark and Matt Kantor.

Alexa is an author, food writer, photographer, publisher and social media maven based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada.  She has been traveling since she was a small child and her dreams of Spain started young with the string of olive wood beads her father brought her back from his month in Malaga.

Alexa is the Creator and Publisher of the best-selling CheapEats Restaurant Guides  and co-founder of one of Toronto’s hottest underground dining experiences, the Secret Pickle Supper Club. Alexa is the co-chair of the Communications Committee for Toronto’s largest gourmet fundraiser, Toronto Taste, and as a founding member of HoHoTO, which has raised over $225,000 to support the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Alexa has been featured on ABC, CBC and Canada’s National Post newspaper.

More at or follow her @alexaclark
The Public Pickle 2012 Edition
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gerry Thorpe


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Photo Credit : Gerry Thorpe