Playa de la Concha

After a busy day driving to San Sebastian and followed quickly by a wonderful evening spent with lovely and knowledgable Gabriella Ranelli de Aguirre introducing us to some of the best pintxos in town, I decided that what I needed first thing this morning was a walk on the beach and this is what I saw.

Playa de la Concha
photo credit: Alexa Clark
It’s hard to believe that this is right downtown in a bustling city like San Sebastian, but it is.

I sat down right on the spot and let the cool breeze off the salt water blow over me as I listened to the waves and watched the Donostiarras walk their dogs and walk the beach. A few even went swimming. It was just what I needed.Playa de la Concha
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alexa Clark


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Photo Credit : Alexa Clark