Guggenheim At Sunrise

Up early to photograph the Guggenheim as the sun rose over Bilbao. No friend, but sun and architecture… now cafe con leche y croissant to start my day.

Guggenhiem in the morning
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alexa Clark

Guggenhiem in the morningGuggenhiem in the morning
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Guggenhiem in the morningGuggenhiem in the morning
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Creative Commons License photo credits: Alexa Clark

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  • Wailin

    Really lovely; croissant and cafe con leche sound pretty good too!

    •  Thanks! I was a lovely time to visit the museum and see the building in the quiet of the morning.  And yes, the cafe con leche and croissant really hit the spot afterwards. 
      There is a nice cafe in the Guggenheim and a wonderful restaurant called Nerua as well.  We met the chef – Josean Alija – at a number of events this trip.  There will be more on that soon.