The Olive Oil 44%

Did you know that Spain is the world’s largest exporter of Olive Oil?

With 260 different olive varieties, 6000 years of olive propagation  and 40% of Spain’s organic growing land covered in olive trees, Spain makes 44% of the world’s olive oil.  More than twice that of Italy and four times that of Greece.  Spain exports an average of 250,000 tones of olive oil annually.

Olive Oil
Creative Commons License photo credit: Smabs Sputzer

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  • Dolores

    And, there are I believe over 15 varietals of olive trees that are cultivated for serious commercial elaboration of olive oil and/or table olives.

    Each varietal will produce olive oil offering different flavour profiles, and, certain varietals predominate in each geographical region as in Italy, Greece. 

    Therefore, the cuisine of each region has also formed a culinary marriage with the flavours of the region.  For example, the picual or hojinblanca varietals producing a more intense profile in my opinion are superb for drizzling over  the bread and fresh tomato puree breakfast or tapa.

Photo Credit : Smabs Sputzer