CLOSED – Olive Oil Contest – Win 500ml of Dauro!

We couldn’t go all the way to Spain for an Olive Oil Conference and not bring you something back!  This is the first of 3 contest we’ll be hosting to let you experience the Super Premium Spanish Olive Oils. Prizes courtesy of Dolores Smith of The Olivar Corp who imports these oils into Canada!

First up:  500ml of estate-bottled Dauro Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Bodegas Roda

Olive Oil Tasting - Dauro
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alexa Clark

This is a beautiful olive oil with an intensity and sophistication of flavour that you won’t have encountered in olive oils off most North American grocery shelves. Dauro is made from a blend of 3 olives varietals: Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Koroneiki all grown in Spain. Compared to many other premium olive oils in Spain it is considered delicate. Dauro has a rich mouth-feel with notes of leafy greens, bergamot, green tomato, and almond, finishing cleanly with a little pepper.

To win a 500ml bottle of Dauro tell us how you use olive oil most in the comments below.

Olive Oil Tasting - Dauro
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alexa Clark

Contest Details:

  • Leave a comment telling us how you use olive oil on the original post in  (hints in case you really need them)
  • Include a link to a relevant photo and you’ll get a second entry into the contest.
  • You can get a third entry if you tell us one of the olive varietals use to make Dauro.
  • Contest closes 5pm EST Wednesday March 14th.
  • The winner will be selected by random draw and contacted in the comments on and via email.
  • Prize delivery will be arranged with the winner.

Yes, it’s that’s simple!

Olive Oil Tasting - Dauro
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alexa Clark

Here’s a bit more information on Dauro Olive Oil provided by Dolores.

Dauro – Used 7 times at the Nobel Prize Award Banquet since 2001 by Bodegas Roda

Dauro’s modern “vineyard-type” estate orchard is located in North-eastern Spain in the province of Girona, close to the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea.  This area is affected by northern winds that generate beneficial air circulation.  In addition, environmentally-friendly Integrated Crop Production techniques are used focused on techniques such as attracting beneficial insects via flower ground covers, including high biotechnology such as the introduction of a natural bacterium in the orchard to create disease in targeted pests.  Olives are crushed within two hours of harvest in an estate mill especially designed for the extraction of the oil.

Flavour and food pairings:   Delicate Intensity.  Described as velvety and ‘a salad in a mouthful’ by Canadian tasters, it offers extremely balanced notes of garden produce, citrus, green artichokes, and almond notes with a lingering, fresh/clean finish, punctuated with delicate pepper.  Fantastic for softening strong flavours such as blue and goat cheeses in dishes, pairing with tropical and red fruits in dishes, and desserts such as ice cream (sprinkled with sea salt after the Dauro is drizzled) or intense chocolate-based desserts.

Dauro’s Health and Environmental Protection

Dauro Orchard location and Production

Dauro Estate Awards Fact Sheet


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  • My favourite thing to do with an exquisite oil like Duaro? Besides just drinking it, of course, is to drizzle it on some fresh greens with some salt and lemon. Nothing better! 

    • Great article on the Olive Oil tasting Joel, thanks for including a link to it.

    •  Joel, @foodie411:twitter, YOU WON the Dauro Olive Oil!!!!   And it was those extra bonus entries that pushed you over the top because the winning entry was #3!

      I’ll arrange delivery via email!


  • A great olive oil needs to be the star of the show. I drizzle my favorite oils on vegetables, or use them in a simple salad dressing, or, make olive oil ice cream as in this photo: Dauro contains Arbequina, one of my favorite varietals for oil.

    •  mmm the Dauro would work really nicely with the strawberries, I was actually thinking of trying that combination when strawberries come into season.

  • My favorite way to enjoy olive oil is drizzled over greens with a squeeze of lemon and a little bit of pecorino – it’s best with black kale. I also worship Melissa Clark’s olive oil brownies… So delish. 

    • Are these cooked greens or raw?  I’m assuming with the black kale you mean cooked.

  • Olive oil is a part of every day living! I use it more than salt. From eating bread, to making salad dressings, to bean purées and anything going in a frying pan or the oven. Homemade olive oil mayonnaise is awesome with a freshly steamed artichoke.

    • Pat, have you had a chance to try Dauro?  It has some artichoke tones already and I think you’d love it.

  • Jen

    GOOD olive oil has got to be one of my favorite food things EVER and I have gone to great lengths to find it. My favorite way to enjoy it is with a fresh baguette or drizzled over a caprese salad. The food really is just a vessel for the olive oil though 🙂

    •  I always love things that are vessels for better things ;->

  • I’m more foodie than I am chef, so sadly my use of olive oil is pretty basic.  I use it for any/all vegies… in particular this asparagus/tomato/onion side I often make up.  I also use good olive oil and balsamic for dipping warm baguette… great ‘cheat’ to fancy up a meal. 

    •  There was a restaurant I went to in Tennessee that used to warm their rolls then toss them quickly in olive oil before bringing them to the table.  It was heaven!

  • oh… and since you asked… one of the varietals used in Dauro is Arbequina (which of course started me down a 20min. wikipedia hunt all about olive varieties and such… some fascinating stuff… who knew there was such deep/rich/nuanced history). 

    • See!  And you wondered what we would do for 5 days at an Olive Oil Conference ;-> (You did see the hint in the post above right?)

  • I would like to say I misted a soupcon of cinq poivres over it before I dipped in morsels of fresh-baked monks’ bread… but at our house I wouldn’t put it past a certain partner of mine to use it on Kraft Dinner. But seriously? I’m an olive oil fiend; I’m thinking as a finish for seafood or roasted vegetables.

    • Well, it would class up the Kraft Dinner I suppose. 

  • Osowired

    I love good quality olive oil drizzled on Insalata Caprese (tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil) or as a dip for my favourite crusty breads .

    • Both are fantastic options! Have you tried some of the spicier olive oils on an Insalata Caprese? Makes a fantastic addition.

  • Peggy Peacock

    The other night I fried some grape tomatoes in some Zei early harvest, extra version olive oil which was first cold pressed and made with hand picked ayavalic olives from Turkey. I added some pepper, sea salt and a little basil. What beautiful flavour, what great colour. Yummy!

    • That sounds yummy indeed Peggy! Thanks for entering the contest and good luck!

  • Goodness that looks freakin’ delicious

    •  It is!  But @davidcrow:disqus you need to tell me how you use olive oil to ENTER THE CONTEST!  (and bonus entries 1. if you share a photo and 2. if you tell me one of the olive varietals used in Dauro oils)

  • Easandymackay

    on thin savoury pancakes, olive oil with crisped capers, spinach, feta and smoked salmon.

    •  mmmm that sounds lovely! Crisped capers in this oil would be really interesting too.

  • As a Catalan olive oil, I would drizzle it on top of pa amb tomàquet, the iconic Catalan bread with tomato pulp, sea salt and olive oil. This way, I get to savour it and celebrate its origin.

    I will then use it for pa amb xocolata, a Catalan childhood snack where chocolate is melted over a slice of bread with sea salt and olive oil. (This is also one of Ferran Adrià’s favourite snacks as a boy.)

    You get to enjoy Dauro olive oil in both sweet and savoury complements. 🙂

    •  I’m a huge fan of pa amb tomàquet, but I’ve never tried pa amb xocolata.. yet!  Sounds like a fantastic way to use Dauro!

  • Brufrog

    I use good olive oil like that as a late addition sometimes to a stew for flavour (not for frying or long cooking), or as part of a salsa or chutney, for salad dressings, or maybe just with bread…

    •  Finishing with a great, and appropriate, oil can really take a dish to the next level. (As can finishing with an inappropriate oil, but that’s a different kind of “level”)

  • Diane Shaw

    Since living in Europe many years ago, I’ve preferred olive oil over any other oil.  My favourite use is really two – one for salads, I make my own Greek dressing, and the other simply tossed with fresh pasta and garlic.

    •  Oh ya, tossing with fresh hot pasta and garlic… mmmm

  • Dmcconnell2292

    Lex, After reading all these posts I realize that I’ve been seriously underestimating the powers of the Olive Oil goddess, having said that I do use it religiously.  There’s the usual frying, roasting, drizzling, emulsifying, blending, but my favorite thing has to be when the first cherry tomatoes come out of the garden and I char barbecue them in cast iron pan over an open wood fire in lots of olive oil with fresh garlic chives and lots of cracked black pepper and serve with lots of crusty bread.  I’ve even preserved these for those winter blues…open a jar on a cold winter day and smell summer…Pure Bliss

    • I can actually taste your charred cherry tomato dish right now. It’s SO good!

  • N C

    I use olive oil with balsamic vinegar to dip my favourite crusty bread in.  Yummy snack anytime.

  • N C

    Hojiblanca is one of the varietals used to make Dauro.  

    •  Yes, yes it is.  Nice job on getting that extra entry. 

  • The contest is now closed. 
    Thank you all for your entries.   More contests coming so keep your eyes open.
    We’ll be contacting and announcing the winner tomorrow.

  • Congratulations to @twitter-20061458:disqus for winning the bottle of Dauro Olive Oil donated courtesy of Dolores from @theOlivarCorp and @Bodegas_Roda:twitter 

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Photo Credit : Alexa Clark