Acidity of Olive Oil

When we think of acid and olive oil we are usually thinking of adding acid.  But did you know that olive oil has it’s own acidity?  However, you don’t taste it, you feel it.

In Spain @ Olive Oil conference

Olive Oil’s acidity makes itself known through the break down of fatty acids in the oil itself.  So we experience the acidity through mouth feel.  The lower the acidity the more luxurious the mouth feel – much like the level of cocao butter in chocolate can be felt.  Conversely, the higher the acidity, the more the fatty acids break down and that means less flavour.
So it makes sense that the level of acid is one of the primary measures of quality in olive oil. The acidity is measured in grams per hundred and an olive oil can not be classified as extra virgin olive oil if it has more than 0.8% acidity.
In Spain @ Olive Oil conference

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Photo Credit : Alexa Clark