Best Bite – Patatas Alioli

Little did we know when we pulled into Ponferrada that we would have the best patatas of our trip – patatas alioli.

After wandering our way up some pretty narrow, dark and empty stairways and back streets, we found ourself at La Patatuca. It seemed a little grungy from the outside but it was crazy busy with people spilling out the doorway.

We elbowed our way in, ordered our wine and a plateful of what was essentially fried potatoes tossed in mayo was plunked down in front of us with barely a second glance.  They weren’t artfully plated,  it wasn’t that kind of place, and unfortunately, this may be the only dish on the trip we didn’t get a photo of.  Ya, we didn’t expect it to be good either.

In general, we were being served patatas bravas which is a simple dish: deep-fried potatoes chunks with bravas sauce. Depending on the region that can be a slightly spicy tomato-vinegar sauce; or olive oil, vinegar, chili and paprika sauce. Both are generally served with alioli (or mayo) on the side, drizzled artfully over the top or sometimes just mixed into the sauce. 

However at La Patatuca the patatas were served simply with a rich, garlicky alioli: patatas alioli.

They were fantastic!  So fantastic we’re still craving them!

La Patatuca in Ponferrada
photo credit: Alexa Clark


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