Best Bite – Faux Truffle

Anselmo Juárez Viedma, Chef de Cocina del Zeitum de Ubeda prepared a faux black trufe dish as part of his demonstration at the Hacienda La Laguna yesterday which blew my mind with flavour.

The truffle was actually a partridge pate formed into a roughly truffle-shape then given a hardened exterior by putting in liquid nitrogen.  For the black truffle look and essence, he sprayed the pate lump (and it was a lump) with truffle oil

Faux Black Truffle
photo credit: Alexa Clark

and then rolled in dust made from the trompettede la mort mushroom which finished the effect and gave the patridge pate a convincing appearance of a large black truffle.

Very playful, but also very very tasty!
Faux Black Truffle

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Photo Credit : Alexa Clark