Best Bite – Chorizo

We’ve been eating chorizo since the moment we arrived in Spain.  It’s been served sliced as tapa, cooked in rice, as part of a chorizo tortilla, in boquella.  They’ve all been good, some great, but yesterday at the Forum Santiago, Asoporcel –  the Association of Celtic Swine Breeders – served one that was extrodinary!

photo credit: Alexa Clark

What made it different was a combination of good quality pork used, the balance of fat and meat and an incredible smoke.   They smoke over oak and it’s fantastic!

I stood smelling it for a good minute before I took a bite. And I wasn’t alone.

It is darker and more crumbly than most chorizo we’ve been having, but that actually made it better.  You could taste the seperate chunks of chorizo and savour the smokiness from the oak. Wonderful.   We bought a couple of packages to snack on over the next week and they were a bargain at about under 1€ per chorizo.

Best Bite - Chorizo
photo credit: Alexa Clark

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Photo Credit : Alexa Clark