Part of excitement of today’s sip is that magnificent pour!

Unlike the careful and almost pretentious pours of other wines, Txakoli wants air and distance to enhance it’s flavours and effervescence.  The higher your barman can pour the wine from the better it is believe to be. Some produce a 2 foot stream from bottle to glass.

The theory is that this Txakoli pour will both produce a light effervescence in your glass (aka make it bubble) and aerate the wine. I’ve been told that the tradition started in the region since they used this pour for cider to break the cider and release more effervescence.

The green apple overtones in Txakoli and the slight bubble are subtly reminiscent of a dry hard cider. Perhaps that is what encouraged someone to try this pouring technique and then it was simply too much fun to stop. Txakoli’s minerality, high acid and low alcohol produce a wine that’s just as much fun to drink as it is to pour.

Barman Gerry Thorpe
Creative Commons License photo credit: Renee Suen

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Photo Credit : Renee Suen