Spain’s Infatuation with Gin & Tonic

When I think of what to drink in Spain, my mind immediately goes to wine. So no one was more surprised than I was when we did a little bar hopping with some wine makers and every single one of them, to a man, ordered a “Gin Tonic”.

They’d been drinking wine all day, and what they wanted to close out their night was a refreshing G&T. And they weren’t alone. People were drinking gin & tonics everywhere we went.

Spain has elevated the Gin and Tonic to a work of art, starting with the order of ingredients: ice, garnish, and gin. Followed by a careful pour using a bar spoon with a long twisted handle to maintain the tonic’s carbonation.

Proper Pour at Schweppes.

Garnishes range from grapefruit slices to rosemary, liquorice root to cucumber, all echoing or teasing out the flavours used in the gin being poured.
Garnish Station

Most bars we visited had at least 5 types of gin, and many we visited had 10-20.  A sight unseen in North America and as a gin drinker a pure delight.

Gin Tonic!

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