Sangria or Tinto de Verano?

Everyone knows what sangria is right? It’s one of the signature drinks of Spain and is traditionally made from red wine, with fruit soaked in brandy, juice and sparkling water. Sangria is the drink many tourist order when they are looking for something refreshing and authentically Spanish on a hot summer day, however the locals are more likely to order a tinto de verano instead.

AHHH! Tinto de Verano
photo credit: juanmapop

“Tinto de verano”, which translates literally to “red wine of summer”, is a red wine spritzer made with 1 part red wine and 1 part citrus soda.  Often slices of citrus will be added as a garnish or even added to a jug of tinto de verano making it even more similar to sangria and sometimes it’s served with a splash of rum, much like sangria often has a little brandy added for an extra kick.

Tinto de verano
photo credit: Ametxa

Sangria is more likely to be prepared at home and rarely ordered in a bar.  It’s considered more of a tourist drink, since bars can charge more for it since it’s more complex to prepare. Where as tinto de verano is simple and quick to prepare, so it’s available at summer fairs and festivals all over Spain, and it can even be purchased ready-made in bottles in the supermarket.

Tinto de verano
photo credit: Arkangel

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    Very well explained!

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Photo Credit : Arkangel