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Ten years ago, about 100 km away from where we are now. I discovered the flavour and succulence of Spanish olives. Today in Baeza, I was surprised and enchanted to discover them a whole new way: by sipping them, straight, in the form of super-high quality Spanish olive oil.

The sip was Melgarejo Gourmet, considered one of the seven top olive oils in Jaen Selección for 2012.

You might think that drinking olive oil straight out of a glass is not pleasant, and you would be right in many cases. But this is completely different, and unveils new aspects of the essential oil. Aromas of fresh cut grass and bananas infuse the nose. As it coats the mouth, it brings with it further flavours of apple and a mild aftertaste of black pepper. This picual oil is harvested a little early, which might account for a lower acidity that one might expect. But it doesn’t take away from what is clearly a brilliant product.

You can find out more about Melgarejo here.

Melgarejo Gourmet Olive oil
photo credit: LexnGer

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Photo Credit : Alexa Clark