Best Sip – Orujo

Last night while at Los Arcos for a couple of caña, Petra pulled a bottle out from under the counter and poured us all a little hit of Orujo.

Orujo is the Spanish brandy made from what’s left after pressing grapes to make wine. While it is traditionally from the Northwest of Spain – Galicia (where it’s also known as augardente and caña), Asturias (oruxu),  and Castilla Y Leon – it is available everywhere.

It’s transparent, strong and occasionally infused with with lemon, honey, “de Hierbas” or other flavourings if it’s home-made. I think the version we had might have been de hierbas but we couldn’t figure out what that meant it was infused with. We couldn’t quite get the translation working and the Orujo didn’t help!

Orujo - After One Too Many
Creative Commons License photo credit: LexnGer

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  • Manolito de Murcia

    Orujo Español como Dios manda!!!
    A tomar por culo con los Anglosajones/Americanos la Coca Cola y la Coca Cola!!!

Photo Credit : Alexa Clark