Best Sip – Jugo de Naranja

Spain is Europe’s largest producer of oranges and fresh-squeezed orange juice, or jugo de naranja, is the norm rather than the exception.  So much so that you can even find orange juicing machines in bars.  Which  was the situation when I found this jugo de naranja in Logroño.  We were looking for a quick cafe con leche on a Sunday morning, never an easy task in smaller towns, and found a little shop around the corner from our hotel.

Unfortunately I had been disappointed by the orange juice I had tried up until this point. I found it very sweet and at one hotel almost tang-like.  But I ordered it because I was feeling a cold coming on and I thought the vitamin C would be a good thing. Boy was it!

Juicy pulp, perfectly sweet and gently tart. There was no need to add any of the sugar packet provided with the juice. I finished it like it was nectar of the gods.  And can you honestly say a good fresh squeezed orange juice isn’t?
Jugo de Naranja  aka OJ
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alexa Clark

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