Schweppes Botanical Tonics

The Gin Tonic trend is so big right now that Schweppes launched 3 new gourmet tonic flavours that they are marketing as Botanical Tonics.

The new Botanical Tonic flavours are: pimienta rosa (pink peppercorn), azahar y lavanda (orange blossom & lavender), ginger  y cardamomo (ginger & cardamom).  They are designed to add complexity and interest to a Gin Tonic, but also as great mixes for other drinks like rum, vodka and whiskey.

Schweppes Botanical Tonics

Unfortunately Schweppes hasn’t made these tonics available widely.  In fact, you only try them in a few bars, restaurants and nightclubs, by ordering a tasting pack online (which seems to only ship within Spain) and of course at tasting events like Forum Santiago.

Schweppes @ Forum Santiago
Creative Commons License photo credit: LexnGer

Of course this also means they aren’t available in North America, even as a special import… I tried. So for a recent Secret Pickle Supper Club dinner, we designed cocktail syrups inspired by the botanical tonics which we served with our Gin Tonics. (Recipes available soon).

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Photo Credit : Alexa Clark