Brought to you by Alexa Clark & Matt Kantor, Far From Ordinary is a Culinary Travel Site focused on experiencing Cultural Tourism both abroad and at home. Discussing and sharing our experiences as both travelers and culinary industry insiders away from home, we hope to introduce you to some of the more interesting parts of Spanish food culture. We’ll also be sharing interesting and exciting products, flavours and techniques you can get, try and experience in your own home.

Alexa Clark, Founder, Plethora Press

Alexa Clark grew up on an organic farm and in restaurant kitchens. She has worked front of the house, back of the house, and from farm to fryer. She is the Creator and Publisher of CheapEats Restaurant Guide and Managing Partner of Plethora Press. The CheapEats books and blog network are innovative and renowned resources for Ontario foodies.  She is also the co-chair of Second Harvest’s Toronto Taste communication committee, co-founder of HoHoTO  and co-founder & organiser of the Secret Pickle Supper Club.

Matt Kantor, Chef, Little Kitchen

Matt Kantor is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York. He has worked in the kitchens of various restaurants including Picholine (New York), Gayle and Tangerine (Philadelphia), and Fenouil (Portland). Matt has staged at Michelin and Mobil Five-Star restaurants, including Le Bec Fin (Philadelphia), Trio (Evanston, IL) , Lacroix (Philadelphia) and The Vineyards at Stockcross (Stockcross, England). He was the consulting chef for the opening of Kaya Restaurant in Hamburg NJ, and has worked independently as a caterer for dinner parties and private events for more than half a decade.

photo credit: Bonita Mak